Visitation.  We know, as parents you want to be actively involved with your child’s dance classes. On the specially designated dates in November and March all parents are invited to come and watch their student’s entire class. In addition, Kidlet through KidDance2 have special visitation times each month just for you. You are invited to watch the last 10 minutes of class the last full week of the month. All parents are invited.

Attendance. Regular attendance is important. Poor attendance affects performance and progress of the class. Dancers should arrive 10-15 minutes before class to prepare and warm up. Please plan to have your child attend classes if they are only mildly ill, and not contagious. They will still learn by watching. In respect of the class, the instructor, and your safety (student’s safety), students arriving 15 minutes or more late, are asked to enter their classroom and sit to watch class. Please call the desk personnel in advance to inform of any and all absence. Makeup lessons for missed classes must be made up within 2 weeks of absence. Students should have a written permission slip to leave class early. During the last 6 weeks of class it is imperative that no more than 2 lessons are missed. Children missing more than 2 lessons will be referred to Miss Suzanne for evaluation. It may make them ineligible for the Spring Performance. 

​Parents of young children, please have them use the restroom before class. Please be prompt in picking students up after class. For your child’s safety, please come inside to pick them up. If you must be late, please notify the studio in advance and have your child wait inside the reception area. Do not leave siblings unattended at any time.

​Marilyn School of Dance, LLC is a place of business. Students and siblings must conduct themselves in a quiet, controlled and appropriate manner at all times. To attain the highest quality of instruction and technical proficiency, all classes are limited in size.

Bad Weather Reminder. Marilyn School of Dance LLC does not always close when the school systems close. Call or listen to local radio stations to be sure. In case of bad weather our answering machine and local radio stations will be notified by 1:00 p.m. If a storm arrives during the evening class, we will call your homes to let you know classes will end early. Please let us know of any auxiliary numbers that we may need to reach you.  If there is a cancellation, classes will only be made up if the number of classes goes below 28 for Tomah and BRF. Most of our classes are padded with one or two extra classes in case of foul weather. Tomah: WXYM-WTMB-WBOG 94.5 fm, 96.1 fm. Black River Falls: WCOW 97.1 fm, WWIS. 99.7 fm.