NOVA is a community service organization offered through Marilyn School of Dance.  Their goal is to share their love of the performing art of dance in the surrounding area and beyond through performances and workshops.  NOVA spends the year performing in the area for numerous organizations and community events.

​NOVA is for the committed dancer who is in fourth grade and up through Middle School divided by age and/or ability by audition. Students must be enrolled in ballet, tap, jazz, and the NOVA class.  The NOVA must also be dedicated, motivated, cooperative, hard working, and have the ability to learn quickly.

The Dance Stars are a renowned performance group of Marilyn School of Dance.  They compete in many competitions, both regionally and nationally.

They have achieved success at all levels, displaying numerous trophies and awards at Marilyn School of Dance. The Dance Stars were lucky enough to perform and participate in a choreography workshop at Walt Disney World in Florida in 2009, as well as performance on Carnival Cruise Line in 2011.

​Dance Stars is for the committed dancer who is in fourth grade or higher and placed via audition. Students must have significant dance experience, be enrolled in appropriate levels of ballet, tap, jazz and the Dance Star class. Students must be goal oriented, hardworking, cooperative, compassionate and have a positive attitude and love to perform.