Over the years we have frequently heard the question, “Why do I have to, or why should I take ballet? The answer is that ballet is the base for all other forms of dance. It gives a student control, technique, terminology, and grace that is used in learning tap, jazz, lyrical, and modern dance. Ballet is not only for the body; it also exercises the mind. 

All of the above reasons are important, but more than anything else, ballet gives you discipline. This discipline will spill over into other areas of your life as you grow older. It teaches you how to have a starting point, how to think on your own, how to sit down and complete a task such as reading a book for school. In ballet you must go through all forms of exercise in a specific order to teach you how to use and develop the muscles in your body properly. Every exercise has a beginning, middle, and an end, just like projects and learning situations one faces in life. 

​Last, but not least, ballet is something you can take with you all your life. You can always do stretches and plies and relieve, even in the smallest of rooms. It’s the best way to stay in shape, physically, and mentally. Marilyn School of Dance education program is founded on a strong ballet technique.

Dance develops the individual physically, artistically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.  Dance students join an artistic family where they develop enduring friendships and nurture a passion for the arts.  While having fun, dance students gain many benefits.

Artistic - Self-expression, Creativity, Communication, Aesthetic Awareness, Maturity

Emotional - Confidence, Commitment, Determination, Self Respect, Joy and Excitement

Intellectual - Critical Thinking Skills, Problem Solving, Time Management, Concentration and Focus, Self Discipline

Social - Camaraderie, Responsibility, Respect, Teamwork, Tolerance

Physical - Balance and Coordination, Structured Physical Activity, Correct Posture and Alignment, Strength and Flexibility

Dance education inspires good work habits and healthy lifestyle choices.  Studies show that a structured dance program enhances academic achievement.  At every age and ability, dancing is exciting and joyful.

​-Compliments of Unity